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Steps to Troubleshoot Bitdefender Error 1020

Bitdefender Error 1020 – The Bitdefender is a high-end cybersecurity software for security of your devices and data. They offer products and services for personal and business use. It is one of the trusted devices which have given the brand a number of loyal users. If you are one of the users of the Bitdefender then you must know about the services it offers.

But recently many of the customers have reported a Bitdefender error 1020 when using the Bitdefender. This error is a runtime error that stops the processing of the software on your computer. This blog is there to help you with such issues. Furthermore, feel free to contact the Bitdefender Support in case of an issue.

Steps to Troubleshoot Bitdefender Error 1020

Bitdefender Error 1020

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Bitdefender Error 1020

As we discussed, this is a runtime error that stops the software to work on your device. But, you can easily fix the Bitdefender Antivirus error 1020 by following the steps given in this article:

Step 1 – Restart the Computer with Bitdefender

Whenever you face any issue with the software on your computer. You should try this method first. By restarting your device, you take your device to the boot mode where the applications are reconfigured. After that, they work the way they are supposed to.

Follow these steps to safely restart the computer.

  • Before you restart, make sure you have the data on the active tab.
  • Then terminate all the application running on the device.
  • Navigate to the Restart button and click on it.
  • The device will automatically turn off and then on again.
  • Wait until it starts back again.
  • Launch the Bitdefender application and check the Bitdefender error 1020 is fixed or still there.

Try the other steps to fix the issues. You can go to the Bitdefender Central to check whether the application is still active or not. Perform the activation of BitDefender at, if necessary.

Step 2 – Run as the Administrator

If you have recently made any changes to the username or password of the computer. Then there is a chance that the Bitdefender application requires the admin permission to run on your device.

You can try these steps to give the admin permission to the application to run on your device.

  • Navigate to the Bitdefender Setup files.
  • You can also search the Bitdefender files in the search bar.
  • Right click on it when you find them.
  • From the menu list, choose to Run as Administrator.
  • The Bitdefender application will open up.
  • Check whether the Bitdefender error 1020 is resolved or not.

To manage all other Bitdefender Application or products, visit on your browser.

Step 3 – Uninstall and Reinstall the Bitdefender

Finally, when none of the above methods are working for you, simply remove the application and reinstall it. Follow these steps:

  • To remove or uninstall the Bitdefender, open the Control Panel on your computer.
  • Choose the category view for the page and click on Uninstall a Program under Program menu.
  • Now a list of all the installed application will appear on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Bitdefender application and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Uninstall button from the given options.
  • The application will be removed and the device will restart.

Once the device starts back again. You need to reinstall the application by visiting on your browser.

Step 4 – Contact the Bitdefender Support –

If none of the above steps are working for you to fix the Bitdefender error 1020 then you need a technician to help you fix your issues.

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Here is the list of common issues faced by the Bitdefender users. You can contact the Bitdefender Support or Bitdefender Central Support to troubleshoot these issues. Furthermore, try our 24/7 available toll-free number and get an on-call technician now.

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